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Are the numbers, accountants jargon and financial reports boring and confusing you?

Behind every successful business is a clear strategy centred on financial goals and objectives. But let’s face it, not everyone goes into business with a desire to manage finances.

As passionate entrepreneurs we aim to take the burden out of financial management by providing you with the critical essentials that deliver the greatest impact to your business performance and provide you with control.

Our program provides you with:

  • Ease and satisfaction that your business is financially well managed
  • A clear focus on the future direction of your business
  • Mastery of the critical financial tools in business

The program will cover:

  1. How to review your financials to understand what they mean and what your accountant isn’t telling you
  2. The two financial tools that will become the lifeblood of your business and allow you to see the future impact of your business decisions before you make them
  3. What are the most important ‘numbers’ you need to be looking at in your business and how to obtain these (no it’s not your financial statements!) to understand what’s driving profitability
  4. Strategies to implement in your business that require the least amount of resources but provide the greatest improvement to your bottom line
  5. Developing strong systems for marketing, sales, cost management and team efficiency to drive and monitor your businesses financial performance

This program is run as 2 hour multi-sessions running bi-weekly for 8 weeks. The sessions are interactive and require you to complete weekly set tasks ‘on your business’ throughout the program to gain maximum results. Please contact us for our next session times.


Cost: $1,600 + GST for the 8 week program (or just $200 + GST per week) per person

$1,200 + GST for additional persons from the same business

For 5 or more persons from the same business we run exclusive sessions for $5,500 + GST for the full team.

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