New year, new start










Kick start the New Year by redefining your business growth goals! 

The start of a year brings the perfect opportunity for businesses to reassess their success strategy.  The thought of reviewing the previous 12 months figures, setting budgets, and planning cashflow doesn’t spark up excitement for many business owners.

We are passionate about taking the burden out of financial goal setting and planning by providing easy to understand and highly effective tools to better financially manage your business and achieve amazing results.

Our program provides you with:
• Financial control over your business
• Peace of mind that your business has a clear financial plan that works
• An understanding of financial information to make better business decisions

The program will cover:

  1. What the business financials are really telling us and how to practically use this information in the day-to-day operations of your business
  2. How to develop a basic budget that allows you to determine if your pricing is correct, how much you need to sell before your business ‘breaks even’ and what profit is left for the owners
  3. Profit doesn’t necessarily mean Cash – we look at the difference and how to manage this effectively
  4. Setting targets to achieve business growth and the desired results from your business

This program is run as a 2 ½ hour session with the next sessions being run prior to the start of the New Financial Year.

Cost: $97 + GST per person

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